It is that time of year called Thanksgiving when we purposely direct our minds to what we are thankful for. This is something we should do everyday to keep us healthy, happy and loving life and with practice, we can do it.
I wish to extend many thanks to my family, near and far, close and distant, for it is all of you that have always been there for me from birth, through thick and thin, good and bad, each of you have always been positive, wonderful and funny. The same can be said for all of my friends, my new friends, my old friends and my friends that I have lost touch with over the years, you have all been a part of who I am today.
I thank my awesome staff and my colleagues for their never-ending support and dedication. I am grateful to the many clients that have come through my doors and honoured me with their patronage. It has truly been an honour to serve each and every one of you.
I give thanks to all the local businesses and shops that are run by people like me, and like you; by people that give their heart and believe in what they are doing. They do it not only for business but I know they also do it for their community. They are truly the backbone and lifeline of every community, taking their dreams and fashioning them into something tangible for all to enjoy.
I am eternally thankful to the many amazing people and organizations who take their time and their resources and give to our communities to support all the people in our community regardless of individual circumstances.
Lastly, but not finally, as there is so much to be thankful for, but lastly for today on this list, I am thankful for where I live. Not only is this beautiful countryside with mountains and prairies and an abundance of awesome outdoor activities at our feet, teeming with talented artists and artisans and beauty and enjoyment around every corner, it is also that Canada is a country where we are free and safe.
Cheers! and I wish everyone a happy, thankful turkey weekend!