Corporate / Business / Proprietorship / Partnership


I provide the following services for Corporations / Businesses / Proprietorships / Partnerships:

  • Business Structure;
  • Incorporation;
  • Corporate Structure;
  • Partnership Agreements;
  • Trade name registration;
  • Shareholder Agreements;
  • Buying / Selling a business / corporation (assets / shares);
  • Corporate Finance;
  • Commercial Real Estate transactions;
  • Business Agreements / Contracts;
  • Issuing Shares / redeeming shares;
  • Minute Books;
  • Annual Returns.

Business Law:

As an entrepreneur, a business person, an idea person, you know your product, your service, your goals, you know what you want to accomplish.  You are very good at knowing your product and what you do.  Where you may need assistance is in how to structure your business for long term success, so you have a good legal foundation to reach and maintain your goals. I can advise you on the legal aspects of running a business, and discuss with you what will work best for you in your circumstances.

Business Structure:

There are many ways to set up your business structure, what is best for you depends on what your business is, who you are in business with, what your gaols are, where you want to conduct your business, etc.  You can be sole proprietor, a partnership or a corporation.  Whatever structure wee determine is best for you, it is very important to make sure that it is set out in writing with sufficient detail that all eventual possibilities are covered in one way or another and mechanisms in place to address possible future changes, as much as possible.  This should also be done in conjunction with and with a view to your family circumstances, and your Will, estate planning goals.


If you decide to incorporate your business, I can assist you in establishing a corporate structure, share structure, Articles of incorporation and by-laws that suit your business needs.   I also asset your business year-to-year on an ongoing basis, as your registered office, when you file your annual returns, we do a review and business check-up to make sure the current structure still meets your needs.


If you start a business enterprise with one or more other persons, either as individuals or as corporations, it is recommended that you enter into a partnership agreement.  A Partnership Agreement sets out the terms of your partnership to make sure everyone is clear on their rights, obligations, responsibilities and what happens when the partnership dissolves, and what events can make the partnership dissolve.  If you enter into a business venture without an agreement in advance, it could lead to lengthy and expensive litigation to determine where responsibilities and entitlements lie.

Commercial Transactions:

Buying or selling a business, as an asset or share transaction, purchasing commercial real estate, commercial leases, business finance, borrowing money, etc.  all these transactions are opportunities that may become necessary when you are in business for yourself.  They all require written agreements and thorough review of all written agreements to ensure that your interests and expectations are being taken care of.


If you have any questions or concerns about your business, its structure, shareholders, contracts, agreements, etc. please contact me to discuss.



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