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Whether you are a step-parent, couple looking to grow your family, a single parent, same-sex couple, foster parent or caring for a relative’s child, whatever your circumstances, an adoption can give the child you care for and love a stronger feeling of family, commitment and stability.

Adoptions create and change the legal rights and obligations of the parents and child.  Part of the process may involve a birth parent giving up his or her rights and obligations to a child.  It is important for everyone involved — both adults and children — to understand how they will be affected.   We can discuss with you and provide advice to you on the adoption process and how it will affect your rights and obligations, whether you are the adopting parent, the child (over 12 years of age) or the birth parent trying to decide if you want to consent to the adoption.   All birth parents must consent to the adoption, unless there are circumstances that the court can consider to dispense with the consent of the birth parent(s).

The adoption process is completed through the Court of Queen’s Bench and requires a number of forms and documents to be submitted to the court.   We can answer your questions and help guide you through the adoption process, including:

Step-parent adoptions

Family adoptions

Older child and Adult adoptions

Same-sex partner adoptions

Single parent adoptions

Public (open) and private (closed) adoptions

Direct placement adoptions

I would be happy to answer all of your questions and help you with the documentation and legal process.   I assist clients in Okotoks, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, High River, the Foothills, Calgary and surrounding areas.    I am also mobile and can travel to you, with evening and weekend appointment times available upon request.

Contact us at 403-995-7744.



Closed / Open Adoption:   An open adoption is where the birth parents and adopting parents become known to each other, agree to maintain some type of contact and the child and close family are aware of the adoption.   A closed adoption occurs when the adopting and/or birth parents want to maintain their anonymity and privacy and do not want to be known to the other party, nor to have continued contact.

Direct Placement Adoption: Occurs where the birth parent(s) decides who they want to adopt their child, and place the child with that parent.   These include spousal /step-parent adoptions, relative adoptions (grandparent, sibling, aunt/uncle, etc.), close friends, etc.

Home Study:  A home study is used to assess and determine the suitability of the persons applying to be adoptive parents and the suitability of their residence.     The home study examines the personal details of the parents, their family background, family dynamics, the home and community where they live, their willingness to accept children with certain characteristics (such as special needs), financial resources of the applicants, their motivation to adopt and interviews with references.

Private Adoption:  In a private adoption, the birth parent places their child with someone they know, usually within their family or close community.   Then the couple or individual parent who wants to be the legal parent(s) of the child makes a court application for an adoption order.   Anyone can apply for a private adoption; most commonly private adoptions involve a step-parent applying to become the legal parent of a step-child.  It may also occur when a person who has had a child placed with them for a period of time (such as a grandparent, sibling, aunt/uncle or friend) applies for an adoption order.

Public Adoption:  These are formalized through Alberta Human Services and involve adoption of children who are in the permanent care of the government.   Most of the work and documents are completed by the Child and Family services worker, however, you may benefit from legal consultation prior to starting the application and during the application process.

Licensed Adoption Agency:  These agencies assist adopting and birth parents and facilitate the adoption of newborn babies from a mother unknown to the adopting family.   If you are seeking to adopt a newborn baby from a mother that is not known to you, you have to use one of these agencies.   It is illegal to adopt a newborn baby from a mother unknown to you through any other method; it is also illegal to advertise for or to offer compensation for adopting a newborn baby.


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