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Child Intervention is a part of the Alberta Government Services, and is sometimes also referred to as Child Protection, Child and Family Services and Child Welfare.    The department has caseworkers whose primary goal is to ensure that the safety and well-being of the children and the family is taken care of.   They also provide resources and support for families that need assistance and guidance in ensuring in that the family unit is safe and the children’s needs are met.   If the children’s safety is a concern, the caseworkers may intervene and apprehend the children.   The caseworkers will set out goals and make a plan for the parents to follow to ensure the safety of the children.   When this happens, parents often do not understand the process or what they must do to ensure their children return to their care.   Sometimes the parents believe that the caseworker has misunderstood the circumstances, and they may need assistance in communicating with the caseworker.     I can provide advice and assistance to those going through this process, while trying to obtain the best possible solution.

I am also on the LRCY roster (Legal Representation of Children and Youth) which is run out of OCYA (Office of the Child and Youth Advocate).  In child protection matters I represent children from newborn babies to teenagers, please see Child

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