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Arbitration / Mediation / Dispute Resolution

The court process is lengthy, has many delays, requires adherence to technical and procedural rules, is expensive and is impersonal and out of your control – you do not have say in the outcome, the judge does not know you or your family, s/he simply makes a ruling on what they have heard as evidence.

With the Appropriate Dispute Resolution services I provide, each party is an active participant through the process, we listen to your goals, needs, wants, interests and evidence; we work together to craft a solution that works for both sides.  It may not be, and likely will not be the perfect for both sides, but it will be crafted by you, with your input.  The process also can be resolved much quicker and you can move forward with certainty sooner.

If the parties cannot reach an agreeable resolution through mediation or Parenting Coordination, then, if you mutually elect me to do so, I can impose a decision as Arbitrator that will be based on our discussions and evidence presented.

I am trained, certified and experienced in the following areas and offer these services:

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Mediation-Arbitration

  • Parenting Coordination


Please contact me to discuss how these methods can obtain results for you.

  • Contact
  • Professional
    James graduated from the U of C with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree in 2000 and articled at a small Calgary firm until June 2001. From June 2001, James has practiced as a lawyer in the Foothills area with offices in Okotoks and Black Diamond-Turner Valley. James has always been interested in a general law practice helping people and the community with everyday issues. His practice currently involves wills, estates, family law, corporate, residential and commercial real estate, child representation, mediation, arbitration, parenting coordination and some types of litigation. James is continuously updating his training and skills and has expanded his dispute resolution arsenal by studying and practicing mediation, arbitration, parenting coordination, collaborative law and most recently learning the peacemakers approach to family law.
  • Personal
    James enjoys the atmosphere and spirit of a small, close-knit community which he finds is very vibrant in the Foothills, Black Diamond-Turner Valley and Okotoks. This likely comes from his upbringing, as he grew up in small towns in Saskatchewan. James has a wide range of hobbies and interests including the arts in its many forms (music, theatre, photography, movies, painting and dance), sports both as a spectator and participant (martial arts, football, hockey) and being active in the outdoors by camping, hiking, snowshoeing and backpacking.
  • Associations | Community
    James has been a member of the Law Society of Alberta, Calgary Bar Association, Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society, Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta, Alberta Family Mediation Society, Association of Collaborative Professionals (Calgary), Canadian Bar Association. James has also volunteered and participated in community associations: Olde Towne Okotoks Business Association, Creative Okotoks, Okotoks Film Society, Diamond Valley Chamber of Commerce, Okotoks Chamber of Commerce, Lions International, St Vincent De Paul Society, the Food Bank, Calgary Facial Hair Club and Beneath the Arch Concert Series Society.
  • Accreditations
    LLB degree and active lawyer of the Law society of Alberta - 2001 Certified to Represent Children in legal disputes - 2005 Family Mediator - 2006 Collaborative Lawyer – 2007 Legal Representation of Children – 2010 Qualified Mediator - 2011 Certified Arbitrator - 2015 Parenting Coordinator - 2015
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