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Real Estate Law

Real Estate

Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing, or all three, we can take the worry and concern off your shoulders as we guide you through the transaction.  There is nothing we value more than a satisfied client and we know that it takes personal contact, discussion and dedication to have a satisfied client.   We will communicate with your lender, your broker, your realtor, your insurance company, the municipality and the surveyors as required.   If there is anything we need from you or for you to do, we will discuss it with you in a timely fashion to ensure your transaction closes smoothly and on time.


To close a real estate transaction smoothly, it involves coordination of several professionals including the realtor, the lender, the mortgage broker, the surveyor, the municipality and home inspector.  Our team of experienced lawyers and legal assistants will communicate with these professionals as required.   If there is anything we need from you or for you to do, we will discuss it with you in a timely fashion to ensure your transaction closes smoothly and on time.  We will keep you informed of each step through the process to closing, and after closing to final reporting.

If any complications arise, we will deal with them promptly and efficiently and keep you informed throughout the process.  We will provide you with explanations as to what happened, why and what your options are and we will answer your questions and ask for your instructions on how you wish to proceed.

We look forward to assisting you on your real estate transaction. We also provide services with respect to commercial real estate, financing, lease and dispute resolution.

Purchasing / Selling Residential Real Estate:

Purchasing or selling property does not have to be stressful.   When you purchase, we will make sure that your mortgage documents are completed on time, that we meet and execute the documents and submit to your lender in enough time to receive funds for closing.     With your sale, we will ensure that the proper closing documents are drafted and executed and sent to the buyer’s lawyer under appropriate trust conditions and in time for your money monies to arrive on closing day.   If both situations, we will review your Real Estate Purchase Agreement to ensure that all terms and conditions will be met by the other party, and by you.

We will discuss any questions that you may have with respect to Purchase Contract, deposit money, fixtures, what chattels are part of the house and what can be removed, appliances, real property reports, title insurance, etc.

It is important to know that there may be additional costs at closing over and above my legal fees and the realtor commissions. 


These costs may include some of the following:

  • Land titles registration fees

  • Real Property Report (RPR)

  • Compliance for the Real Property Report

  • Title insurance

  • Municipal tax adjustment

  • Resident’s Association fees adjustment

  • Mortgage Insurance fees (CMHC or other insurer)

  • Extra fees for pay-out of numerous debts

  • Construction draw mortgage fees

New Home Construction Draw Mortgages:

If you are building a new home, our experienced staff can assist you throughout the process with your draw mortgage funds, discussions with your lender, inspections, builder lien holdbacks and contracts.



Condominium transactions are either bareland condominiums or not bareland condominiums.  If it is a bareland condominium, then the transaction requires a Real Property Report with compliance.    All condominium transactions require the condo documents to be provided to the potential buyer for their review.

In addition to the possible added fees listed above, some additional fees that may arise only on condominium transactions are:

  • Condominium documents fee

  • Condominium fees adjustment

  • Estoppel Certificate

  • Insurance Certificate

  • Refinances:

It may be to your advantage to refinance your property for a lower interest rate.  If you do, there may be a way to reduce or eliminate your pay-out penalty.  If you want to refinance, we can assist you throughout the process and make sure that you have a smooth transaction.

Investment / Recreational Property:

If you want to purchase rental property, investment property, recreational property, we can assist you in completing your transaction.  We can provide advice and guidance throughout the process and how this affects your business, estate planning and other areas.

I will consult with you about your transaction and assist you through the real estate process.

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