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Family Law - Child Representation

Child Representation / Custody and Access / Parenting Time Disputes

When parents separate, the best situation is when both parents put the children’s needs and well-being ahead of everything else.   However, sometimes the well-being of the children is not properly understood by one or both parents.   Separation and divorce causes upheaval and uncertainty to the parents’ lives and routine, but it is unfortunate when the two adults are too entrenched in their own emotion and distress, that they overlook the children’s needs.   Sometimes, it happens when one parent does not understand the effect their actions have on the children.

If you are involved in a contest over parenting time, decision-making or other issues that affect your children, you can make an application to have a lawyer appointed to represent the views of the children.  The children’s lawyer will provide both sides with the children’s perspective.  This tends to have the effect of ensuring both parents understated what the children want and it can greatly shorten the litigation, saving everyone time and costs, as well as saving emotional harm.

My role as child’s lawyer and how it is implemented can vary with the different circumstances and any specific directions from the court.  However, as counsel for the children, I take my instructions and provide my advice to the children directly and confidentially.   The parents are not allowed to know and are not allowed to ask, what instructions the children gave or what advice I gave the children.  I then make representations to the parents and to the court on behalf of the children.   It can be a very effective tool to help the court quickly and efficiently make a ruling.  Children’s lawyer is also very effective if you are using mediation or mediation / arbitration to resolve your parenting issues.

I would be happy to answer all of your questions and help you.   I assist clients in Okotoks, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, High River, the Foothills, Calgary and surrounding areas.    I am also mobile and can travel to you, with evening and weekend appointment times available upon request.

Contact us at 403-995-7744.

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