Toys are fun! Buying Toys is Fun!

Have you gone shopping for toys yet this year? Isn’t it fun? You get to check out all the new, fancy gadgets and thingamajigs for kids. If you are like me, you have not gone toy shopping for kids in some time. My kids are all grown up. I had forgotten about how much fun toy shopping is. Now, I have fun buying toys and giving them to organizations that do their best to provide everyone with a wonderful Christmas experience. And I am having fun!
If you want to have some fun and you have time to spare, why not head out to toyland and pick up an item or two for the following toy drives:
Sheep River Library, drop off in Turner Valley at the library
The Magic of Christmas – You can drop off at the ATB in Okotoks
Alberta Beard band Moustache Club 3rd Annual Toy Drive – you can drop off at my office in Okotoks.
Please drop off by December 1, 2017.

3rd Annual Toy Drive – Calgary Facial Hair Club

It’s the third annual Calgary Facial Hair Club toy drive.
If you have new toys to donate, please drop them off at my Okotoks office, or message me and I can pick them up.
Merry Christmas, and thank you for thinking of others.

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